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The ONOMATOPEDIA introduces everyday Japanese onomatopoeic words (imitative words, mimetic words, and echoic words) one-by-one using videos and illustrations.


It’s no exaggeration to say that onomatopoeia are the core, in other words, the root of the Japanese language. Japanese people learn these imitative words and echoic words together with their sensibilities as they grow up. These words are very much rooted in Japanese customs, culture, traditions, aesthetics, and sensibilities. Therefore, once you are able to understand the nuance and grasp the idea of these expressions, I am sure you will find that your Japanese has been enriched in various ways.


This site is for people who want to speak Japanese. For those interested in Japanese culture, love Japanese food, want Japanese friends, and are interested in Japanese traditions, manners, and customs. For people who love Japanese manga and anime. For people who do not know much about Japan, but are curious. I hope that this website will help to enhance and deepen your interest in and fascination for Japan. I also hope that this website will help those Japanese speakers who have experienced difficulties in explaining the meaning of these words.


In the near future, interactions and business transactions between people of different cultures and races will become even more important. I decided to create this website in the hopes of making such interactions all the more enjoyable.
Here's hoping that this will be a fun and "waku-waku" learning experience for you!